When adding supplementary questions to the review form, there are several types to choose from.

Click the +Question button.

Select the type you wish to create and then click Create selected question

 Single checkbox

Provides a single checkbox for the reviewer to check, eg for permission, confirmation etc.

Remember to check the Answer required box if the question is mandatory.

Below is how it will look to the reviewer.

Multiple checkbox question. 

The question will appear in checkbox form and the reviewer can check as many boxes as relevant.

Below is how it will look to the reviewer.


The question will provide options in dropdown form, only one of which the reviewer can pick.

Below is how it will look to the reviewer.

Grade dropdown 

This question will provide grade options, with the option to display values with numerical values in the background.

The question will be displayed as below to the reviewer, with the value of 2 applied to the choice, 'Good'.


A radio button question is similar to the dropdown - the reviewer can choose just one from a list of options.

The list of options will appear as below to the reviewer.

Text input

This question allows for free text.

The question will appear as below.

Text block question  

Used for giving information or instructions to the user and doesn't require a response.

It is displayed as follows.

See also Designing the Review Form 

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: support@oxfordabstracts.com