Account and event administrators should click on the 'Fees' or 'Events' question in the Delegate Registration Form to add details about fees and events

Item Enter item name here. 

Price Enter price here - please note that currency will be determined by that selected when setting up delegate registration.

Total Quantity The default is 'Unlimited' so enter the maximum available quantity if there is one. 

Remaining This field will tell you how many tickets remain unsold at any point.

Start Date and End Date Enter the dates of the time frame the items will be on sale for. - eg Earlybird tickets.

The tickets will be only viewed by users in the times allocated, and will be marked as 'Sold out' when the total quantity has been sold. NB: Do not delete the items when they are no longer available.

Click 'save' to retain your settings.

This is how the above settings will be viewed

See also Designing the Registration Form