In order to make the symposium submission system live, the Account or Event Administrator must open submissions.

Click on Symposia overview in the left hand panel of the event dashboard.

In the Submissions, there is a section on the right entitled Symposium status under which there are three controls.

  1. Open - this opens and closes the symposium submission.
  2. Attachments open - allows submitters to attach and withdraw submissions to/from a symposium.
  3. Invites open - allows or prevents symposium submitters from inviting other users to their symposium. This only applies to Private symposia.

Symposium Submission URL 

Within the Submissions area of the Symposium Overview, click on the URL below Copy symposium submission link to copy the URL (link) required to access the symposium submission system.  This link should be published in the relevant website and/or emails to invite symposium submissions to be made.