Please contact the Oxford Abstracts Support Team in order to add the symposia feature to your event.  

Symposia can be 

  • Public - anyone can create, view and submit to a symposium 
  • Private  - anyone with permission can create, view and submit to a symposium.
  • Admin only - only admins can create, view and submit to a symposium

Once created, Account and Event Administrators will see Symposia overview, Symposia, Symposia reviews and Symposia decisions at the bottom of the left hand panel of their event dashboard.

 Click on Symposia Overview to manage settings.

In the top left hand panel of the overview, you can set the symposium type

Admin only - can only be created by an administrator, with abstracts submitted by anyone

Public - can be created by anyone, abstracts submitted by anyone 

Private - can be created by anyone, only abstract submitters who are invited by the symposium creator can submit

In the top right panel are your submission settings

Copy symposium submission link

This url is the link for to submit a symposium. You can copy and paste this, to publish this in your website, or in emails.


Click this link to submit a symposia as an administrator.

On behalf

Click this link to submit a symposia on behalf of a user.


 This link takes directs you to the symposium submission form, which you can edit and preview.

Symposium status

Open - Click this slider to open and close symposium submissions

Attachments open

If you have Multi-stage + Symposia, you will also see the SYMPOSIUM STAGES button below.

Click to reveal the stages. Check the box(es) next to the stages that you would like the symposium module to apply to.

See Open symposium submission / call for symposia 

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: