Please contact the Oxford Abstracts Support Team in order to add the multi-stage feature to your event.  There is no limit to the number of stages you can have in an event and these can work independently ( ie - two separate submission processes) or can work together (ie - users submit to the first stage, and then may advance to the second).

You can edit the Stage names using the Edit event function in the left hand menu of the main dashboard.

Once created, Account and Event Administrators will see the multiple stages for their event at the top of the event dashboard in a new panel called Stage selection.  You can select the stage you want to work on using the dropdown control.  

Clicking on each stage name will display the event dashboard for the selected stage where you can see the submissions, reviews and decisions in each stage.

To set up the submission forms for the stages, click on Submission form on the left hand side of the screen.

From here you can edit the submission questions for one or for multiple stages.  Please note that all submission questions will be in all stages.  You can control whether or not questions are visible to the submitter and whether or not they are read-only. (see Designing the submission form, Display settings).

Click on the Stage dropdown at the top of the screen to select the stages that you want to work on.  In the example below you can see two stages Initial Stage and Invited.   All questions are listed and Poster upload question and the Presentation choice question are hidden in the Invited stage since they are not relevant to the invited speakers.  

Click on any question to edit the question.  Most questions on the submission form have elements that have to be the same in all stages, shown at the top of the screen, and settings that are specific to a stage, show at the bottom of the screen. 

For instance, the question below is the Presentation one. At the top,  the settings are across all stages. In this case - the question name, and the checkbox Answer is submission category.

The other elements of the question, eg - Stage Display Name, Description etc, are specific to each stage, so they can differ.

You will also see that a response is required, and the response will be shown to the reviewer in the Presentation question in the Initial Stage, but not in the Invited Stage.   

Make the changes you require and click on BACK TO FORM near the top of the screen. 

The questions on the reviewing form are not linked between stages and each stage has a separate and independent review form.  

See Reviews - Administrator Functions for more information.

See also Decisions in Multi-Staging

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: