Please contact the Oxford Abstracts Support Team in order to add the Online Conference Program feature to your event.

Once created, you will find the Online Conference Program Builder by clicking  Program Builder in the left hand menu of your event dashboard.

The Program Builder screen will open. The window is split into three sections - the Program Configuration, Session Configuration and the Program.

See here for session configuration.

Program Configuration

This section contains the settings for how the program will be viewed by users.


Clicking this will make the current program live.

Once clicked, the button will turn red. If you wish to take the program offline, click this button again so it goes back to green, You will also notice that a link has appeared which will take you to your published program.


Clicking on the preview button 

...will display how the program will look to a user before making it live.

Program downloads

This button displays three options for creating word documents for session details. See Downloading session books

Session download link

This button will enable / disable the download session books facility for users.

Assign program codes

See Reordering abstracts and symposia when in Online Conference Program

Program tabs

See Editing or hiding tab headings 

Column headers

This button will enable / disable the visibility of the column headings, along with alignment.

The default is left aligned.

Click once for centre alignment...

... and again to hide them.

Submission Links

This button will enable / diable the facility for users to view and download the abstracts associated with each session.

Below - in the program - the links to the abstracts have been disabled, so user will not be able to view or download these.

Time display

Clicking this will toggle netween 24 hour clock display, and am/ pm.

Show logo

This button will enable / disable the visibility of the uploaded logo on the published program.

See also Setting up your online program - session configuration and  Creating a session.