Clicking the Emails option in the left hand panel of the event dashboard allows Account Administrators and Event Administrators to view/ edit and send emails.

Click on Edit and send to view the email templates for the event.

Viewing/ editing emails

Each email template set up for the event is listed.  Those that are under the heading Automatic emails will be sent out automatically by the system, e.g. when a submission is created.  You can switch off any of the automatic emails so that they do not send automatically by unticking the checkbox next to the relevant email template in the column headed with Activated.

Templates listed under the heading Manually sent emails will need to be sent manually. 

To view/amend a specific email click on it in the list.  See also Amending template emails and Creating custom emails.

Sending a Manually Sent Email

Click on SENDING

You will see a list of recipients.  All recipients are selected by default but you can untick the checkbox next to any email address you do not wish to send the email to.

To preview the email to a specific recipient, click on their email address. 

You can send all the emails at the same time or select specific recipients, should you wish to send the emails out in batches.

You will be alerted to how many emails you are sending.

Click SEND EMAILS button to send the email to those selected. 

See also Scheduling emails

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