In the various table views, Account and Event Administrators can click on the Download icon to export the contents of the screen into an Excel spreadsheet.  Click Columns to select the information that is visible in the table. Click the up arrow next to Columns when you have made your selection.

Click on the Download icon button will export the data on view in the chosen table.

Some tables have an Expand rows or accordion feature, where there is associated data in child rows - eg authors and affiliations, reviews.  

In this case there will be two sets of column data to choose.

 Click the Download icon, then you can select from Export without child rows, Export with child rows, or Export with child rows in same row.

Export without child rows will produce a spreadsheet with the parent row data only.

Export with child rows will produce the following - child rows presented as sub rows.

Export with child rows in same row will produce a spreadsheet with data in one row, as illustrated below.

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