In order to record a decision, Account /Event Administrators should navigate to the Decisions Table by clicking on Decisions in the left hand menu. (Committee Members, see also Make decisions on submissions as a Committee Member)

This will access the Decisions Table.

Click on Columns to the right hand of the table to reveal the groups of data: Choose which fields you would like to view in table from the first three - submission data, submission responses, and review data.

The bottom group, decision responses, contains the fields where you will make your decisions (with the exception of decision last updated, which is generated automatically). Tick decision, as well as the columns in which you would like to enter data.

Record a decision

To record a decision for a submission, click the dropdown fields and select the option that matches your decision(s). Changes are saved automatically

Make Bulk Decisions

To apply a decision to a number of submissions, click on 'Bulk Decide', 

enter the ID numbers of the submissions you wish to apply the decision to then choose the relevant decision you wish to apply from the options.

See also The Decisions Table