The decision form questions form the columns in the decision table. As well as key data, there will be fields where data can be entered by the administrators or committee members.

To view or edit a decision form, click on Decision Form  in the left hand menu section of the Event Dashboard, 

The default Decision Form will be displayed with the current default questions.

At the top, before the questions, there are four key settings

Manage acceptance types

Submitters' information hidden -Toggle on or off to enable or disable the visibility of submitters' name and email address.

Visible submission questions - Clicking on this link will reveal a list of the submission form questions.

Toggle the visibility by clicking on the eye icon next to each question.

The final setting in this block allows you to enable and disable the permissions for committee members to edit the program code.

The questions

Decision - the options here are not editable.

Acceptance type - the options here are determined by acceptance types.

Final Category - options are determined by the categories entered in the Category question in the Submission Form

Decision Notes -  data entered here will only be viewed by admin.

Paid and Attention - see Indicate if an author has paid or if a submission needs attention

Notes to submitter - data captured here can be shown to submitters via email templates.

The display settings are also available on each question:

Enabled - Committee can edit responses / enter data

Hide - Committee won't see the question

Read only - Committee can read the responses, but not edit.

Default Questions  

Decision question


None of the fields in the decision question can be changed. The options are: Pending, Accepted, Rejected and Withdrawn

Please also note that the API Name field (see below) can be ignored. See Application Programming Interface (API)  for more information.

Acceptance Type

As with the decision question, none of the fields on the Acceptance Type question can be edited. If you wish to change the acceptance type, you will need to edit manage acceptance types.

Final Category

As above, none of the fields on the Final Category question can be edited. The categories are determined by the options in the Category Question in the submission form.

Decision notes

This can be used for notes that will only be seen by admin


This field can be used if you would like to cross check delegate payments with submissions.


This field can be used to note whether a submission might need attention.

Notes to Submitter

Entries in this field will be shown to submitters, and can be used in emails as a merge field.

Adding a Question 

You can add a new question to the review form by clicking + Question then choosing the relevant question type from the list.  

There are three options - Single checkbox, Input and Dropdown.

Single checkbox will look like this in the decisions table. Click the option, then the Create selected question button.

An input question would provide a field for text input.

The dropdown question provides a choice of options, as below.

Deleting a question -  Click on the relevant question then click Delete Question in right hand corner of window. NB - this option is only available to those questions that can be deleted. eg decision notes, attention etc..

Changing the order of questions - You can drag and drop the questions to change their order

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: