Account Administrators and Event Administrators can assign submissions to a reviewer(s) for their event.  Before you can assign reviewers, you will need to add them to the system. Please click here for instructions. It would also be useful to be accustomed to The Review Tables  first.

On your event dashboard, there are two links to the review tables. Click See all reviews (below)

or click on the down arrow next to Reviews in the left hand panel.

 start here

Clicking on either will reveal the review tables window. There are two tables -  the default option is Reviews by submission (ordered according to submission ID) and Reviews by reviewer (ordered according to reviewer). You can access these by clicking By submission, or By reviewer under Reviews in the left hand menu. Entries are displayed in rows. Any with a pink background are incomplete submissions.

Using these tables, you can assign by submission, or by reviewer.

To assign by submission, choose the Reviews by submission table.

(NB - the process below is the same for Reviews by reviewer, but for the purposes of this guidance the Reviews by submission table will be used)

If you wish, you can choose which columns to display by clicking on Columns in the top right hand corner. You will see two lists - one is the list of fields for the main table, the second, the list of fields for the 'accordion', or 'child' rows, in this case the reviews which will appear when you have assigned a reviewer.

The Main table columns are split into three groups Submission data, Review data and Submission responses

The check boxes to the left of each group indicate the visibility of the columns within each group. From top to bottom: 

all, none and some.

Click the down arrow to reveal the group.

You can then select as few or as many as you need.

Click the up arrow when you have finished making your choices.

If you wish, you can filter using any of the filter fields at the head of the columns  - eg by category.

To assign a review, click on the checkboxes in the first column. You can assign as many as you like, or if you wish to select all, check the box in the head of the column. 

After you have selected the submissions you wish to assign, click on Assign Reviewers.

The Assign window will appear. Select reviewers by clicking the checkboxes next to the reviewers emails and click Assign Reviewers.

If you have a long list of reviewers, you can search for them in the Filter reviewers field. You will also notice there is a field to the left of the list of reviewers. The submission IDs you have selected will appear in this box. 

There is also the option to bulk assign a list of abstracts.

If you wish to bulk assign, you can add the submission IDs manually in this field, in a single column. Click Select Reviewers, as above, check the boxes of the relevant reviewers and then click Assign Reviewers.

Click the x at the top right hand of the Assign window to close.

The reviewers will then appear in the accordion rows below the submissions.

To unassign a reviewer

Select the relevant submission, and click Assign Reviewers. 

Click on the Unassign tab, then select the reviewer you wish to unassign and click the Unassign Reviewers at the bottom of the window.

Note:  If the Reviewer has not yet registered for an Oxford Abstracts account, their name will be shown as 'Unregistered' alongside their email address.  

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