Clicking on the Users option in the menu in the event dashboard allows Account or Event Administrator to view, invite/resend invitation or remove Event Administrators, Reviewers, Committee Members and API users.

There are tabs for each user type (Event Administrators, Reviewers, Committee Members, API users).  

The top half of the screen is where you enter the emails of those you want to assign roles.

Those who have already been assigned to each particular role will appear in the lower half of the screen. (see below with existing reviewers)

 If a user has been invited but has not yet registered, only their email will be visible and 'Not registered' will be shown under their email address.  Once they have signed up, 'Not registered' will be replaced with their first and last names.


In the 'Reviewers' section, enter or paste the email address of the person(s) you wish to invite as a reviewer.  To invite multiple reviewers, list their emails on separate lines.

Please note - this will add the user as a reviewer but not notify them. Administrators trigger this in the Manage Emails system, see Viewing, Editing and Sending Emails.

If you wish to remove any reviewer, just click on the 'Remove' button under the required reviewer. If they are removed, all their assignments will also be removed.

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: