When designing the submission form, it may necessary to add questions. 

Clicking on the orange button  + Question  at the top of the edit view of the submission form will take you two lists: Default questions and Custom Questions.

Please read Designing the submission form first.

The choice of custom questions is as below.

Below are some screenshots of how each question will look in the form.

In all cases - complete the Question name, which is mandatory. Add an API name, should you require - NB. this field can be ignored if not required. add a Description - this is the text of the question. The Description will be the details and instructions given to the submitter. You can format the description using the icons in the tool bar (eg italicise, underline, add images and links etc.)

Short Text 

Ideal for entering brief information. 

Word limit Enter the maximum word count permitted.

Character limit: Enter the maximum character limit permitted.

At the bottom of the edit question panel, you can apply various tags -

T - the response is the Title and this will be reflected throughout the system.

The following options are available for all questions.

Show reviewer - response will be seen by reviewer.

Include answer in abstract book - response will appear in the standard abstract book download.

Answer required - a response to this question is mandatory and a submission will be marked as incomplete if the question hasn't been answered.

It is displayed as follows


This can be used for questions with just one checkbox that require confirmation or agreement. If you require more than one option, use Multiple choice radio or Multiple choice checkbox, below.

It is displayed as follows

Dropdown This can be used for choosing one option from a list. 

It is displayed as follows.

You can hide an option, if you require - eg if an option becomes unavailable after a certain date.

Click Hide options from submitters.

Choose the relevant option to hide the visibility.

Dropdown with sub categories - This option can be used for choosing a category, and then a sub category.

It is displayed as follows.

Step 1

Step 2

Multiple choice radio question (1 response only) 

This can be used for choosing one answer from a list, in the same way as the Dropdown option, above.

It is displayed as follows.

Multiple choice checkbox (multiple answers) question 

Used for choosing multiple options from a list.

It is displayed as follows.

Text editor question - allows for long text input, word and character limit, and with a choice of formatting options, including images and tables. See also Text editor types 

It is displayed as follows

Upload file question - Used for uploading documents and can be set to permitting just pdfs, if required.

It is displayed as follows.

Image upload

This question is used for when you wish an image to be displayed. It differs from the file upload question in that the file upload question will provide a link, where as the image that is uploaded will be displayed in any abstract book download (as long as the book tag is on).

You can specify the maximum dimensions in pixels. if you require.

The question will be displayed as below

Text block question - used for giving information or instructions to the user and doesn't require a response.

It is displayed as follows.

Page break - inserting a page break will create a new page of questions.

It is displayed as follows.

Submitter link question - this enables users to input links to multimedia.

Single column list - this can be used for entering a list of terms that needs to be recorded individually, like keywords. After creating, you will need to click Create question, then go back in to add the number of inputs (see below example).

It is displayed as follows

Date picker question - enables users to enter a date via a datepicker

It is displayed as below

See also Default question types 

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: support@oxfordabstracts.com