To view, design or edit a submission form, click on  Submission form in the menu on the left of the screen of the Event dashboard.

The submission form will then be displayed. 

Clicking on Preview allows you to see the form as an end user.

Click on the Welcome / Thank you message to open the fields for the welcome and thank you message. 

Edit to your requirements and click Back to Form when you are done. Changes are saved automatically. 

Instructions for setting Combined word limits are here.

You will notice there are tags on some questions...

...which denote the following.  These labels can be added/removed by editing the content of a question (see below).

Title - answer to this question will be used as the title for the submission.

Review - answer will be visible to Reviewers.

Book - answers to question will be included in the downloadable abstract book
Category - answer to this question will be used as the category choice for the submission.

Towards the right hand side of each question, there is a Display settings label. Click on the icon to the right (in this case a tick) to adjust how the questions will be displayed to the end user.

The options are:

Enabled - question is visible and a response can be entered.

Hide - question is hidden to end user 

Read-Only - question is visible but a response cannot be entered, (typically used if a response has been given, and you don't want the user to be able to edit.)


Editing the content of a question - (Note that all changes are automatically saved.)

Click on any question to open up the Edit question screen below. Different types of questions will have specific elements. Below is an example of a text editor question - the text editor types are only available in these questions. See Default question types for more information.

  • amend the title (Question name - this field is mandatory)
  • Add an API name, should you require - NB. this field can be ignored if not required. (API name)
  • set a word limit, (Word limit (optional))
  • set a character limit (Character limit (optional))
  • choose the formatting you wish to make available (Text editor type)
  • add a description (this will be the text of the question) (Description)
  • make the question mandatory, by ticking answer required add tags to show the question to reviewer(s)(Show reviewer), include question in the downloadable abstract book (Include answer in abstract book)

Deleting a question -  click on the question you wish to delete.

Then click on Delete question (Note - deleting questions in multi-stage events may have adverse consequences - see here for information.)

Adding a new question - To add a new question, click on the +Question button at the top of the submission form.

Choose the question (in this case, abstract) which suits your needs from Default or Custom then click on Create selected question.  Once added, you can edit the question (as above).


Changing the order of questions - You can drag and drop the questions up and down to change their order.

See also -   Adding author information questions, Default question types and Custom questions.

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: