Application Programming Interface (API) allows applications to communicate with one another.   This means you can extract/share data from your event with third party applications or vice versa.

In order to generate an API code and access the API documentation, Account Administrators and Event Administrators must set up an API user by clicking on Users in the left hand panel of the event dashboard then clicking on the 'API USERS' tab.

You can add an optional invitation message then add the email address(es) of anyone you wish to invite to be an API user. Click 'INVITE API USERS' to send the invitation.

When the invited user logs in, they'll see this message appear on their personal dashboard.  Click on Generate API Key   

Then click on Generate

 The key is a unique identifier that the application that wishes to communicate with your event must use to connect with it.

Clicking on Documentation ...

...provides access to implementation notes and information about setting up API.

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: