Click on Account admins in the relevant account in your personal dashboard.

Adding new account administrators

Paste or type the email address of anyone you wish to invite to be an Account Administrator in the Paste your list here or add one email per line box.  If you wish to send more than one invitation, add each email address in a new line.  These people will help manage the account and will have access to all its events.


You can review/edit the invitation message by clicking into the Invitation box and changing the default invitation message.


Once you are ready to send the invitations to the account adminstrators, click on Send Invitations. Newly set-up account administrators will receive email notification and be invited to register for an Oxford Abstracts account, if they don't already have one.

Removing account administrators

Click Remove next to the email address of the account administrator you wish to remove.

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: