When you are assigned as a comittee member, you will receive email notification telling you to log on to https://app.oxfordabstracts.com.

Create an account if you haven't already done so.  Once logged in, your dashboard will show a list of the events for which your email is associated with. 

Click View

As a Committee Member, your role/s will be listed in the Decisions section.

Click View Decisions for the relevant event. This will then take you to an overview of the data you need.

Moving along the top, from left to right - The  field shown below is a general search bar, for entering any keywords.

For example - entering 'morning' will return every entry where that word / text string occurs.

Click on the arrow to the right of 10 per page to select how many rows you would like to appear in the table view.

The icons below: From left to right:

The first page

Previous page

Select page number

Next page

Last page

Download data on view. See Reports and Downloads - Administrator Functions for more information.

Clear all filters

Truncate / untruncate

Expand table to browser window.

The characters in each field are limited to approximately 100. In the case of fields with substantially more characters - eg notes to submitter - if you would like to view or download a report with these fields in their entirety, click to untruncate.

Bulk Decide (if settings allow)will enable you to make bulk decisions on submissions. See Recording a decision (accepting/ rejecting/ withdrawing a submission)

Click on the arrow below to access the options for column display.

The options will appear grouped into submission data, and submission responses, review data and decision responses.

(Note - the decisions responses group will be the group that are editable - ie where you enter your decision, determined by the decision form. See Recording a decision (accepting/ rejecting/ withdrawing a submission) )

You can toggle each group as below:

Display all fields

Hide all fields

Some fields are displayed.

To choose which fields you would like displayed in the table, click on the down arrow.

When you have made your selection, click on the up arrow

When you have chosen the fields you would like displayed, click the arrow to hide the selection window.


Along the headers of the tables you will see filter fields.

For columns that contain numerical data, you can filter by minimum, exact, and maximum.

You can also view a range by entering a figure in min, and a figure in max.

Any fields that contain text data, enter the relevant term.

Click on any header to order submissions alphabetically or numerically. The down arrow will display from A-Z, Click again to order from Z-A (up arrow).

Click on the down arrow in a chosen column to access the submission and reviews. You can also click the top header, if you would like to reveal all the acvordion rows on the page.

Any row with a pink background denotes submissions that are incomplete.

Click on your chosen reviewer.

You will see two tabs at the top of the screen - Submission, and Reviews. The Reviews will display by default in this view.

In the top right hand corner, you can click BACK, to access the previous submission, NEXT to access the next. Click the X to return to the table.

All the fields to the right hand of the table are editable, and denoted by borders . These can be edited by those who have access (administrators and committee members). The fields in this area are determined by the questions in the decision form. 

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: support@oxfordabstracts.com