Follow the link for reviewing/grading a submission in the email you received inviting you to become a reviewer.

Register for an Oxford Abstracts account or log in if you already have an account.

Once logged in, your dashboard will show a list of the events for which your email is associated with. Click View

For each event, you will see how many reviews you have been assigned and how many you have completed.

Clicking on the Download icon will create a .csv file containing information on all the abstracts assigned to you, along with the review data, when each review has been completed. To carry out a review, click on Go To Review/s.  

You will then be directed to the review screen.

Top left - annotated in red - the number of reviews you have completed / been assigned.

Annotated in green - clicking this link will download a Word doc containing all reviews that you have been assigned.

Click on Submission filters to apply a range of filters (eg - by category, below)

Click the up arrow(s) when you have made your choice(s).

Click on Start reviewing to complete a review.

The Review Panel

At the top of the review panel, from left to right:

1: Science at Primary - Submission ID: Title

Next - Next review

Close Review - closes the panel and returns to the review screen (above)

Review incomplete - Review status

Saved - Reviews are saved automatically

The lower half of the review panel consists - on the left - where the review is completed, and the right - the submission to be reviewed. If you see Incomplete to the top right of the submission, this signifies that the submission is incomplete, not the review.

When you have completed all mandatory fields, the review will be marked as complete and save automatically. Note - you won't receive notification of a completed review and you can go back and amend your review at any point, subject to deadlines.


If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: