If the submission form contains an Affiliations and Authors question, at least one author with at least one affiliation is required.  If either the author and/or affiliation fields are left blank that are indicated 'required' (with *), a submission will be marked as incomplete.

Adding an author

Scroll to the Affiliations and Authors section and enter the details of the first author in the boxes provided. Click the checkbox next to Presenting to indicate which author(s) will be presenting at the conference.

Adding an affiliation

Once you have added an author, complete the affiliation fields.

Adding a second/additional affiliation to an author

Click Add another affiliation to add an additional affiliation for the author.  Complete the affiliation fields then continue to click on this button until all affiliations have been added for the author.

Removing an affiliation from an author

If you wish to remove an affiliation from an author, click the bin icon above the affiliation you wish to remove.

Adding multiple authors

If you wish to add another author, click on Add another author button and complete the details of the next author. Repeat the affiliation steps above until all have been added. 

You can add as many authors as you wish, unless you see the button below. Check the box if this is what you require.

Removing an author

If you wish to remove an author, click the bin icon button.

You can also change the order of authors by clicking the up and down arrows.

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: support@oxfordabstracts.com