Our Symposium add-on feature is perfect when you want submitters to be able to group abstracts together in a symposium or panel. 

We offer different ways of controlling who can submit a symposium and who can attach abstracts to a symposium.

Symposium submission is made up of two parts. Submitters will upload the symposium information (title, description, chair, etc.) and the attached abstract information.  Administrators control what information is collected on both the abstract submission form and the symposium submission form.

Our software offers lots of flexibility to allow for the different ways people like to work.  Your submitters can upload a symposium followed by an abstract in one process or upload the two separately and attach them at a later date.

We offer three types of symposium submission:

Private symposium

Anyone can submit a symposium but they can only attach an abstract to one of their own symposia or a symposium to which they have been invited.  Invitees receive an email from the system with instructions on how to proceed and see the symposia to which they have been invited when they log onto the system.  This is the most common type of setup and allows those setting up symposia to control who joins in.

Public symposium

Anyone can submit a symposium suggestion and anyone can attach their abstract submission to a symposium. This is useful if you want to get ideas for symposia from the submitters in general and see what emerges. Some symposia may end up being very large and you can easily rearrange the composition with the administration functions.

Administrator only

Only the Account or Event Administrator can create a symposium to which anyone can attach an abstract.  Useful if you have a list of symposia to which you want people to submit abstracts.

See Symposia - Administrator functions for more information.

If you would like an online demo with one of the Oxford Abstracts team, get in touch. We can give you a run through of the features, and answer any queries you may have.  

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: support@oxfordabstracts.com