Sometimes you need to collect submissions in separate stages and our multi-stage submission will allow you to do just that.  For example, you can collect and review all abstracts and then collect and review full papers.

If you have different streams in the conference, for example research and practice, they can be setup as separate stages with their own submission and reviewing forms.  The abstracts from the two stages can run at the same time and can be combined for the purposes of the abstract book and conference program.

You may need to collect abstracts and get them graded and decide which to accept before asking those accepted to submit the full paper.  The process can be as complicated as you need but we always advise to keep it as simple as possible.  Whilst our software may be able to cope with workflow, be careful not to overload your organising committee with unnecessary steps.

See Multi-Stage - Administrator Functions for guidance on setting up a multi-stage event.

If you would like an online demo with one of the Oxford Abstracts team, get in touch. We can give you a run through of the features, and answer any queries you may have.   

If you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact: