The range of Oxford Abstract tools consist of:

Standard Set Up

Collect, review and make decisions on abstracts, papers, competitions, grant applications or any documents that require a formal review process. 

The bolt on mdules are:


Standard set up + manage entire process in separate stages or separate streams.

Delegate Registration

Standard set up + Simple delegate registration that allows your delegates to register for the conference and is fully integrated with the abstract submission process. Collect money via Paypal, credit or debit cards or offer the delegates the option of paying by BACS.  


Standard set up + symposia can be created and abstracts submitted to them. The symposia and attached abstracts are reviewed as a bundle and you can accept/reject the symposium as a single item.  Abstracts can be removed from a symposium and treated as an individual item.

Online Conference Programme

Standard set up + build an impressive online program with links to the abstracts.  Create conference sessions and place the accepted abstracts into sessions. The software does the rest.

Advance Online Programme

Standard set up + an enhanced version of Online Conference Program, with a range of added features including the facility to allow you to control access to the online program via a secure access code.

Show Reviews to Submitters

Standard set up + allow all your submitters to see their review feedback. 

Filtered Committe View

Standard set up +  assign categories to specific committee members so when they log in to the system, they only view and decide on their assigned categories.