There are three types of symposia permissions - Public, Private and Admin only

Public - can be created by anyone, abstracts submitted by anyone (see also Submitting to a Public Symposium)

Private - can be created by anyone, only abstract submitters who are invited by the symposium creator can submit. (See Creating a Private Symposium and Submitting to a Private Symposium)

Admin only - can only be created by an administrator, with abstracts submitted by anyone (See Creating Symposium (as an Administrator))

Creating a public symposium

Follow the link to the form. You will be asked one of the three options below. Select the relevant choice.

If you select the 1st or 3rd button, you will be taken to the symposium form. (For the 2nd choice, see Submitting to a Public Symposium)

Complete all the fields in the form. note that mandatory questions are denoted with a * then press submit

Your symposium will now be available for the public to submit to. (See Submitting to a Public Symposium)