New Session  - To add a new session, click '+ New Session'.

Choose the appropriate date and column from the dropdown lists.

Give the session a name and select a track, if relevant.  If there is no track associated with the session, the default 'No Track' will be shown.

Choose a Start and End time for the session.

If relevant, add a description for the session, Chair's name, location and the submission IDs of any submission(s) you wish to associate with the session separating multiple submission IDs with a comma, e.g. 1,2,3.  Please note only complete, accepted submissions can be associated with a session. If you have the Symposia module, enter their ID numbers in the box labelled Symposia.

Click 'Save' to save the session. 

Continue adding sessions until your program contains all dates, columns and sessions required.

Hide Column Headers

There is an option to hide column headers, should it be required. Just tick the checkbox and headers will not be visible.

Preview - To preview your online program, click 'Preview'.

Publish - To publish your online program, click 'Publish', which will generate the URL for your online program.  

Click on the URL to view your online program and/or copy the link to publish it in your website, emails, etc.

Unpublish - To unpublish your online program, click 'Unpublish'.

See also - Setting times for each submission within a session