When designing the submission form, it may necessary to add questions. 

Clicking on the orange button  '+Q' at the bottom of the edit view of the submission form 

will take you two lists: Default Questions and Custom Questions.

The choice of custom questions is as below.

Below are some screenshots of how each question will look in the form.

Short Text Ideal for entering brief information - name, address etc.

Checkbox This can be used for questions that require confirmation or agreement - there is only one checkbox permitted. If you require more than one option, use Multiple Choice Radio or Multiple Choice Checkbox, below.

Dropdown This can be used for choosing one option from a list. 

Dropdown with Sub Categories - This option can be used for choosing a category, and then a sub category.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Multiple Choice Radio Question (Only 1 Answer) This can be used for choosing one answer from a list, in the same way as the Dropdown option, above.

Multiple Choice Checkbox (Many Answers) question Used for choosing multiple options from a list.

Text Editor Question - allows for long text input with a choice of formatting options, including images and tables.

Upload File Question - Used for uploading documents and can be set to permitting just pdfs, if required.

Text Block Question - used for giving information or instructions to the user.

Page Break - inserting a page break will create a new page of questions, with 'Next' at the bottom of the preceding page.

Submitter Link Question - this enables users to input links to multimedia.

Single Column List - this can be used for entering a list of terms that needs to be recorded individually, like keywords.

Date Picker Question - enables users to enter a date via a datepicker

See also Default Questions.