Account and Event Administrators can add or remove questions on the Decide Outcomes (Decisions) table. For example, you may wish to add a question to record if an abstract has been awarded a prize.

To make changes, click on 'Edit Decision Form' in the 'Decisions' area of the event dashboard.

The current editable questions will be displayed.  Click on any question to edit it or click on the bin icon to remove a question from the Decide Outcomes (Decisions) table.  The order of the questions can be changed by dragging a question to a new position or clicking on the up/down arrows to the left of each question.

Click the +Q icon to add a new column to the Decide Outcomes (Decisions) table.  Select the type of question you wish to add from the list then click 'Add'.

Enter a Title for the new question and if relevant, update the description and settings. Click 'Save' to add the question to the Decide Outcomes (Decisions) form.

The new question will now be visible in the Decide Outcomes (Decisions) form.