In the various table views, Account and Event Administrators can click on the 'Export to Excel' button to put the contents of the screen into an Excel spreadsheet.  Click 'View Options' to select what information is visible on the screen. (NB - this option will truncate any long text data - eg abstracts and biographies).

Clicking on the green 'Download all Table Data' button will export ALL data in the chosen table, regardless of what is visible in the current view.

Some tables have an 'expand rows' feature, where there is associated data in 'child rows' - eg authors and affiliations, reviews.  

When exporting the data from these tables, the default download will produce a spreadsheet with child rows (see below).

If you would like the spreadsheet to present this data in one continuous row, Click 'View Options', then check the box next to 'Export Child Rows Horizontally'.

This will produce a spreadsheet with data in one row, as illustrated below.