To view or edit an email click on it in the Manage Emails list.

Click 'Manage Emails For This Event' then click the '+ New Custom Template' button.

Enter a 'Template Name' and 'Subject' for your email then add text to the 'Body'.  Note that you can add merged fields to the body of the email by clicking the button for the field you wish to add in the 'Merge Fields' list.  This will merge the relevant data from the system into the email, e.g. 'event title'.

Thereafter, choose a 'Recipient Group' that matches who you wish to send the custom email to.

Select any 'Additional Settings' . The following are available:

If you click 'Append Signature', the email will include this. To create or amend the signature, go to the email dashboard (Manage Emails'), and you will see the option in a green button at the top of the page:

Then amend the text, and click 'Save'.

Choose 'Send a BCC to event notification email', if you would like a copy if the emails to be sent to the notification email address.

The last option, Filter sending by acceptance type (only availablewith 'Accepted Submissions') can be used if you want to send custom emails to the submitters of accepted submissions,  with merge fields populated according to the acceptance type - ie oral, poster, etc..

When you have clicked save, you can then choose the Acceptance type.

You will then be taken to the send screen, where only the poster submitters email addresses will appear as recipients.

See also Designing Emails