To view or edit a Review Form, click on Edit Form in the 'Review Form' section of the Event Dashboard, the Review Form will then be displayed. To edit a Symposia Review Form, click 'Edit Symposia Review Form' in the 'Symposium Reviews' section.

This screen provides an overview of the Review Form including all the questions in the form.

Blind Reviews - The submitter's name and email address is hidden from Reviewers by default.  To show this information to Reviewers, untick the 'Hide Submitter's Information' checkbox.

Submission Answers to Display - Confirmation of which answers from the submission form will be shown to Reviewers, determined by data input in the Submission Form.. To amend the list of answers from the submission form, see Designing the Submission Form.

Welcome Message - Click in this field to add a welcome message or any instructions you wish a Reviewer to read before completing the form.  Click Save after adding/amending the message.

Editing Content of a Question - Click on any question to open up the 'Update a Review Question' screen, where you can amend the question text and content.  Click 'Save' after making changes. 

Settings - On relevant questions there are options to mark them as mandatory by ticking 'Answer required', or to issue them with a tag. Ticking 'Answer is a grade response' will mean that the system will recognise this as a number and calculate accordingly.

Adding a Question - You can add a new question to the review form by clicking '+Q' then choosing the relevant question type from the list.  

Deleting a question -  Click on the trashcan to the right of the question.

Menu Dropdown Questions - By selecting 'Menu Dropdown' in the '+Q' list, you can give a numeric value to an answer, e.g. the Reviewer selects “Excellent” and the system records the value of this question as “5”.  This value is recognised as a number by the system and used to calculate average grades if the 'Answer is a grade response' setting is ticked for the question.

Changing the Order of Questions - You can drag and drop the questions in the Manage Review Form screen to change their order or alternatively click on the vertical arrows at the left of each question to move the question up or down with each click.

Thank You Message - Click in this field to add a thank you message you wish a Reviewer to read after completing a review.  Click Save after adding/amending the message.