If permitted to do so by the Account/Event Administrator, a Committee Member can make decisions on submissions.

Register for an Oxford Abstracts account or log in if you already have an account.

The events they are a Committee Member for are listed under the 'Deciding' heading in their personal dashboard.  

See Recording a decision (Accepting/Rejecting/Withdrawing a submission)

Clicking on View Decision will give the user the view below. There are three tabs with data: Pending and Decided, determined by the first column in the green panel - Decision,  and All,

You can add additional columns to this table by clicking on the View Options dropdown and toggling on/off all available columns. Those fields currently revealed will be highlighted in navy blue above the table. The email address in the 'Submitter Email' column is embedded, should you wish to contact the recipient.

You can order rows by clicking on the small arrows alongside the column headings, or filter by entering search terms in the fields at the head of the columns. Clicking on Export to Excel will download a.csv file of all the data on view.

Download Data will create a spreadsheet of all data, regardless of the current view.

The columns in the green panel to the right of the table are those that should be completed by committee members. Committee members select the Decision and Final Category. Other fields are optional. Any changes in / to these fields are automatically saved.