Please contact the Oxford Abstracts Support Team in order to add the multi-stage feature to your event.  There is no limit to the number of stages you can have in an event and these can work independently ( ie - two separate submission processes) or can work together (ie - users submit to the first stage, and then may advance to the second).

Once created, Account and Event Administrators will see the multiple stages for their event at the top of the event dashboard below the 'Manage Event' menu.

Clicking on each stage name will display the event dashboard for the selected stage where you can see the submissions, reviews and decisions in each stage.

To set up each stage, and the relationship between them, click on 'Stages' under 'Manage Event'.

You will see the Manage Stages screen. In the lower part of the screen, you can view each stage and the possible acceptance types, and possible intermediate stages.

Acceptance types are determined on the event dashboard, see Event Dashboard. Although these are set up the same for both, you can check the corresponding boxes to select those you require.

On the right of the webpage, you can select 'Second Stage', if one of the possible acceptance types is being advanced to the second stage. This will then appear as an option in the dropdown menu when deciding outcomes for each abstract in the Decide Outcomes table (see Recording a decision).

At the top of the page in the image above, you have options to manage the set up information for each stage. Clicking on 'Edit Stage' will take the user to the stage dashboard.

If you click on the name of the stage (to the left), you can edit the stage name and input the deadline and outcome notification date (as below). Click 'Edit Stage' to save your changes and return to the Manage Stage screen.

See also Decisions in Multi-Staging