To view or edit an email click on it in the
Viewing, Editing and Sending Emails list.

Once you have clicked on the Email you wish to view/amend,

 the Email Template will be displayed.

Within the template, you can view the recipient group and change the name, subject, body, merged information, recipients and settings by clicking into the relevant field and making changes.

Recipient Group
This section confirms who will receive this email when it is sent.

Changing Body of the Email

As well as changing the text, you can merge other information from the event or submission by clicking on the relevant option in the 'Merge Fields' section.  Click on the 'Preview' tab in the 'Body' section to see what the email will look like.

Additional Settings

To include your signature or send a BCC (copy) to the event notification email address, ensure the relevant boxes are ticked.  To turn off these features, untick the relevant box(es).


One or more attachments can be added to an email.  Click 'Browse' in the 'Attachments' section to locate and add an attachment to the email.  Repeat this process to add multiple attachments.  Click 'Remove' next to any attachment to prevent it from being sent with the email.

Save Changes

Click 'Save Changes' to ensure any changes you have made to the email are saved.

Cancel Changes

Click 'Cancel Changes' to cancel any changes you have made to the email.

Resetting an Email to Default

Each email has a default design and settings which remain until any changes are made. By clicking on 'Reset to Default' at the bottom of the screen, all changes will be removed and the email will be reset to the default version.

Send Test Emails

See Sending a Test Email

See also Viewing, Editing and Sending Emails.