Clicking the 'Manage Emails' option in the event dashboard allows Account Administrators and Event Administrators to add a signature, view/edit and send emails and view/edit email settings or add a Custom Template.

View Sent Emails

Clicking on View Sent Emails button will enable you to view the Event Email Log. 

This will provide a table of all emails sent. (NB - this will not include the body of the message.)

You can add additional columns to this view by clicking on the 'View Options' button and toggling on/off all available columns. Those fields currently revealed will be highlighted in navy blue above the table.

You can order rows by clicking on the small arrows alongside the column headings, or filter by entering search terms in the fields at the head of the columns. Clicking on Export to Excel will download all visible data in a .csv format.

Email Signature

To view/amend the signature that will appear on all outgoing emails for the event, click on 'Edit Email Signature'.

Make any changes required to the current email signature then click 'Save'.

Viewing/Editing Emails

Each email set up for the event is listed.  Those that are labelled as automatic will be sent out automatically, eg - the General Submissions Message. If not labelled as automatic, the email can only be sent manually. To view/amend a specific email click on it in the list.  See also Designing Emails and  Creating Custom Emails

Sending an Email

Clicking on the Preview Send button will provide a view of the list of recipients. 

To view any email to a specific recipient, click on any email address. 

You can send all the emails at the same time or select specific recipients, should you wish to send in batches.

Clicking the green Send Email button will send the email to those selected. Pressing Cancel will return to the Manage Emails screen.