Clicking on the 'Users' option in the 'Manage Event' menu in the event dashboard allows Account Administrators and Event Administrators to view, invite/resend invitation or remove Event Administrators, Reviewers and Committee Members.

Users already invited or set-up in these roles are shown at the top of each section - there are separate sections for each user type (Event Administrators, Reviewers, Committee Members).  

If a user has been invited but has not yet registered, only their email will be visible and 'Not set up' will be shown under their email address.  Once they have signed up, their first and last names will be shown and the 'Not set up' text will disappear.

Inviting a user

Prior to inviting a user to become an Event Administrator or Committee Member, you can amend the text of the invitation by clicking into the 'Invitation' field in the relevant section (Event Administrators, Committee Members).  Then in the field below enter the email address(es) of the people you wish to invite. 

See also Adding/Removing Reviewers