To view or edit a Submission Form, click on Edit Submission Form in the 'Submission Form' section of the Event Dashboard, the Submission Form will then be displayed.

This screen provides an overview of the Submission Form including all the questions in the form. There are labels on some questions which denote the following.  These labels can be added/removed by editing the content of a question (see below).

abstract book - answers to question will be included in the downloadable abstract book (NB. Authors and affiliations are automatically included and therefore do not need a tag).
title - answer to this question will be used as the title for the submission.
category - answer to this question will be used as the Category choice for the submission.

review - answer will be visible to Reviewers.

View Submission Form - Displays the Submission Form as a Submitter would see it.

Welcome Message - Click in this field to add a welcome message or any instructions you wish a submitter to read before completing the form.  Click save after adding/amending the message.

Editing Content of a Question - Click on any question to open up the 'Edit Question' screen below, where you can amend the title, description, question text, word limit, choose the formatting you wish to make available, make the question mandatory, show the question to Reviewer(s), include question in the downloadable Abstract Book or make the answer to the question, the Title of the Submission (Title question only).

Deleting a Question - In the Manage Submission Form screen, click on the bin icon next to the question you wish to delete.

Adding a New Question - To add a new question, click on the +Q button at the bottom of the Submission Form in the Manage Submission Form screen.  

Choose the question which suits your needs from 'Default' and 'Custom' then click on 'Add'.  Once added, you can edit the question (as above).

See also - Controlling what the Submitter can include in their Abstract/Paper, Adding Author Information Questions, Default Question Types and Custom Questions.


Changing the Order of Questions - You can drag and drop the questions in the Manage Submission Form screen to change their order or alternatively click on the vertical arrows at the left of each question to move the question up or down with each click.

Thank You Message - Click in this field to add a thank you message you wish a Submitter to read after completing the form.  Click Save after adding/amending the message.