In order to record a decision, Account /Event Administrators click on 'See All Decisions' in the 'Decisions' area of the event dashboard.

Committee Members, see also Making decisions on submissions as a Committee Member

Download Data

Clicking on the green Download Data button will create  a report of all data in Excel form. The Export to Excel button will download a report of the data on view only.

Display Pending/Decided/All submissions

Click on the relevant tab to toggle the submissions shown in the 'Decide Outcomes' screen.  Choose from Pending, Decided or All.

View Options

Click on the 'View Options' drop down to view all columns available to view.  

View a Review

Click on any entry in the 'Reviews' column to view the review(s) for the selected submission.

The email address in this column is embedded, should you wish to contact the recipient.

Record a Decision

To record a decision for a submission, click the dropdown fields  'Decision', 'Presentation Type' and 'Final Category' select the option that matches your decision(s).

Add a Note
Enter text in the 'Decision notes' box for the relevant submission to record your notes.

Program Code

Enter a code here if relevant.

Make Bulk Decisions

To apply a decision to a number of submissions, click on 'Bulk Decisions', enter the ID numbers of the submissions you wish to apply the decision to then choose the relevant decision you wish to apply from the dropdown menu.