The event dashboard allows Account Administrators and Event Administrators to manage the event. 

The view above is that of the standard pack. For Advanced Online Conference Program, Multi-stage, Symposia and Delegate Registration, please see relevant sections.
From the dashboard you can:

Manage Event - click 'Manage Event' to access the admin functions below.

Edit Event - view/edit information relating to the event including Title, Venue, Date(s), Logo, Email address, Phone number, Submission deadline and Notification date. (NB - if you have the multi-stage module, see Setting up a Multi-Stage Event.

Users - invite/remove Event Administrators, Reviewers and Committee Members.

Outcomes - enter the possible final outcomes that committee members can choose for event submissions.

Downloads - In this section, you have the option to download various abstract books and reports.

Manage Emails - customise the default emails to be sent to Submitters or Reviewers and edit your email signature.

Submission - Status Open/Close abstract submission to allow/prevent submissions to be made.

See All Submissions - view a running total of all submissions or view them in detail.

Submit On Someone's Behalf - make a submission on behalf of a submitter.

Edit Submission Form - set up the submission form by amending, adding and removing questions and question settings.

Copy Link - copy the URL needed to make a submission to the event, e.g. in order to embed it in your conference website.

Review - Status Open/Close review status to allow or prevent reviews to be created.

Allow Submitters to See Their Reviews - Status Please contact support to enable this feature.

Reviews - Open/Close reviewing to allow/prevent reviews to be undertaken.

See All Reviews An interactive table overview of submissions received.

Add Reviewers - invite/remove Reviewers and view an overview of how many submissions have been assigned/reviewed.

Assign Submissions to Reviewers - assign individual or multiple submissions to individual or multiple Reviewers. Only completed submissions can be assigned.

Edit Review Form - set up the Review form by amending, adding and removing questions and question settings.

Copy Link - copy the URL needed by Reviewers to carry out a review.


See All Decisions - view and record decisions in detail.

Invite Committee Members - invite/remove Committee Members.

Allow Committee Members To Make Decisions - manage permissions
Allow Submitters To View Their Decision - manage permissions

Manage Acceptance Types -- determine and manage acceptance types

Copy Link - copy the URL needed by Committee Members to view a decision.