Assigning a submission to a Reviewer
Account Administrators and Event Administrators can assign submissions to a Reviewer(s) for their event. 

Click on 'Assign Submissions To Reviewers' in the 'Reviews' section of the event dashboard.

The 'Assign Submissions' table will be displayed.  Click on any of the tabs at the top of the screen to change the view to All, Unassigned, Assigned or Conflicts submissions.

You can add additional columns to this view by clicking on the 'View Options' dropdown and toggling on/off all available columns. Those fields currently revealed will be highlighted in navy blue above the table.

You can order rows by clicking on the small arrows alongside the column headings, or filter by entering search terms in the fields at the head of the columns.

Clicking on 'Export to Excel will download a .csv file of all data in the current view.

All submissions except withdrawn submissions can be assigned to reviewers (including incomplete submissions and these are clearly shown with a red background).

Use the checkbox at the left hand side of each submission to mark the submissions you wish to assign for review. 

Once checked, click on  'Select Reviewers'

Select the Reviewer you wish to assign the submission by checking the box next to their email. You can also search for reviewers if you have a long list.

Once all relevant Reviewers have been selected, click 'Assign'. 

There is also the option to bulk assign a list of abstracts. To do this, click on the green 'Bulk Assign' button to the left of the table, and enter the list of abstracts in a single column. Click 'Select Reviewers', as above, check the boxes of the relevant reviewers and then click 'assign'.

Note:  If the Reviewer has not yet registered for an Oxford Abstracts account, their name will be shown as 'Unregistered' alongside their email address.  Once registered, the Reviewer's title, first and last name will be displayed.

Se also Unassigning a submission from a Reviewer.