Each conference has its own look and feel and there are variations in the data that the authors are required to submit with their abstracts.  However the general process will be the same across all conferences.

Authors follow a link on the conference web site, such as "click here to submit an abstract".  The hyperlink opens a new window that will be running on the Oxford Abstracts web server but will be designed to have the look and feel of the conference web site. 

The author must then either register and create a username and password or log in using the email address and password he or she originally used to register as an author.  A common error is that authors attempt to log in with a username and password for their workplace network. 


Once logged into the system, authors will see a screen with instructions on how to submit an abstract and a list of previously submitted abstracts. 


The user will be able to use the screens to submit a new abstract or amend an existing abstract.  The questions on the screen will differ between conferences as will the layout of the questions. 

Once you have disabled abstract submission, see "How to allow or deny access to user screens" on page 10, users will receive a message telling them that the conference is no longer accepting submissions with a number to call.  If you want to allow a user to submit a late submission, you can temporarily switch on the abstract submission system.

Instructions and templates

Clear instructions and a well designed template will greatly assist the authors in the submission process.  For instructions on how to update author instructions of the abstract template, see adding customised instructions at https://oxfordabstracts.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/8000017993.  Generic instructions and a template are supplied when the conference is set-up and you should upload a revised set of files that refers to your particular conference.  Authors will receive the instructions and template with their registration confirmation email and they are available via a hyperlink on the abstract submission page of your conference web site.