We are aware that the Excel reports are not currently downloading correctly on the latest version of Chrome.  We are working on a fix for this issue.  Please use an alternative browser such as Internet Explorer for the time being.

Reports differ from Downloads in that they are based around pre-prepared database queries and are intended to answer specific questions that commonly arise during abstract submission, refereeing and delegate registration, such as identifying potential authors who have not yet submitted an abstract.

Most of the reports are intended for printing out but some are also compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Indexes and other special reports

Some abstract-related reports are marked with an asterisk. These reports require that you have entered conference program information using the Codes function on the Abstracts screen.

                 How to build an author index

1.       Go to the admin Reports screen.

2. Choose one of the index reports.

3. You can copy this report into Microsoft Word or Excel for further analysis.

4. Authors are often inconsistent in the way they enter names so you may need to merge entries. For example, J Smith and John Smith will always appear as separate index entries because they are textually different from each other. They may however be the same person – or they may not!

                 How to analyse reports using Microsoft Excel

Some reports are laid out in a tabular format. These reports have a Copy button – click it to make a copy of the data which you can then paste directly into Microsoft Excel.

                 How to build web pages with indices

You will need to use the reports in the Web page section of the reports screen.  Scroll down the reports section until you get to the Web pages section.

Web pages

These are standard HTML web pages which can be put on the conference web site. They contain hyperlinks to PDF versions of the abstract or paper files.

Creating the PDFs

  1. First, use the Codes function on the Abstracts screen to mark the abstracts or papers as accepted, choose their presentation type (oral, poster etc) and give a program number if appropriate.

  2. We will tidy the abstracts, add author and affiliation details, program numbers and other information and turn them into PDF files using the same numbering system as the original submissions (e.g. "demo2006_0001.pdf").

  3. We will send the PDFs back to you ready for uploading to your conference web site.

Building the online index

  1. Create a new folder on the conference web site. This is where you will store the index pages.

  2. Input the url of this folder using the Settings function on the Event screen.

  3. Create a sub-folder named "pdf". Upload the PDFs into it.

  4. On the Report screen choose an index page such as "Title index".  These reports will take some time to build depending on the size of your conference.
    When the system has built this page, save it as Web Page html only to your index folder.

  5. Repeat step 4 for each index page.

  6. Finally, create links from your main web page to each of the index pages