This screen provides access to all the information that has been submitted by authors, referees or delegates in both Access and Excel formats.

The Access database is "normalized", which means that its structure is as simple as possible so you can construct your own queries or import the data into another system. The Excel spreadsheet has a similar structure and is well suited to building simple lists such as abstract categories or author emails and addresses.

If you require highly specific information, such as a list of abstracts or referee assignments, you may prefer to use one of the ready-made reports that are available on the Reports screen.

                 How to download abstract files

1.       Go to the Download screen

2.   If you have setup your conference for the direct text input of submissions onto the online form, you will be able to view a draft copy of the abstract book.  Simply click on the relevant abstract set.

2.      If your setup allows the authors to upload abstract files as a word document or to upload supporting files such as biographies, you will be able to click on the words "Submitted files" or the adjacent icon to open a window from which you can select submitted files for download.

3.       On the download window check the boxes alongside the name of each abstract file you wish to download, or use the "Check all" function at the bottom of the window. Then click Download.

4. The system will place these abstracts into a compressed "zip" file before downloading. You will need a copy of a zip program such as WinZip to decompress the download file - you can obtain a free copy from the link on this screen.


                 How to download abstract or referee data

1.       Go to the Download screen.

2. Select either the Access download and click to export information from the online database to your PC. Please note that with large conferences there may be a significant delay while the database export file is being prepared for you.

Backing up your data

We make regular backups of the database and files but these are intended for disaster recovery. You should make your own backups – once a week during the early stages of abstract submission and at least daily during the final stages.

                 How to organise your backups

1. Create a folder on your PC which you will use to store backups

2.       Go to the admin Download screen and choose the Abstract files download.

3. Select all the abstract files and download them as a zip file.

4.       Save the zip file to the backup folder you created on your PC with a filename that indicates the date of the download – for example

5.       You should also run and save the reports "All Abstracts data (Excel)", "Grades and averages (Excel)" and "Grades, averages and comments (Excel).