The Send Many function sends emails to all recipients who match certain criteria, such as having an abstract marked as Oral and Accepted.

Choose the email from the dropdown list. The "Send to:" line will be filled out with a description of the intended recipients.

The function defaults to Test mode, which means that five test messages will be sent to the conference email address rather than to the correct recipients. You should always test each email before you send it out in case you have made a mistake in the wording or the use of merge fields. Clear the "Send test message" checkbox when you are ready to send out the email to all the intended recipients.

Click Send. You must then confirm that you do intend to send the emails.

If you are sending a large number of emails you may have to wait for up to a minute as they are sent. The system will then report back to you how many were sent.

Note: If the Send Many function informs you that no emails were sent you have probably selected an email that does not have any identifiable recipients - e.g. an acceptance email when no abstracts have been marked as Accepted. If this happens you should check carefully that the recipients are clearly identifiable to the system and make any necessary changes before trying again.