The Send One function sends one email at a time. The recipient is identified:

  • By matching certain criteria, such as having an abstract marked as Oral and Accepted

  • By an additional piece of information supplied by you, such as an abstract serial number

Choose the email from the dropdown list. A box will appear where you must enter the additional information needed to identify the recipient. When you send the email the system will check that this information is in the correct form, for example that it appears to be a correct email address or serial number, and will warn you if it is not.

The function defaults to Test mode which means that a test email will be sent to the conference email address rather than to the correct recipient.

Click Send. You must then confirm that you do intend to send the email. After a few moments the system will report back to you whether the email was correctly sent.

Note: If the Send One function informs you that the email was not sent you have probably tried to send to a recipient who does not match the criteria - e.g. an acceptance email to an author whose abstract is marked as Rejected, or a reminder to an invited speaker who is not yet  registered with the system.