Delegates are stored in the same part of the database as other users such as authors, so it is possible for a person to appear on both the Users screen and the Delegates screen. This also means that a person who has registered as a delegate is automatically registered as an author.

Complete and incomplete registrations

The list in the main information area is divided into complete and incomplete registrations. A registration may be incomplete because:

· The delegate has not yet finished entering data on the online form, or has not yet paid.

· The delegate has decided not to complete the registration process.

· The delegate has been unable to pay – for example, their credit card may have been declined.

Once a day, the system automatically checks all the incomplete registrations. Any that have remained incomplete for more than 24 hours are marked as abandoned. An email is sent to the delegate to advise them that they are not registered for the conference.

How payments are recorded

In most cases the delegate module will be linked to an online payment provider such as WorldPay, PayPal or Verisign. The payment provider will notify the system when a payment has been successfully processed.  The registration will be marked as completed and it will appear in the upper half of the list on the Delegates screen.

Delegate registration can be configured for invoice payments. The registration details will be recorded but the entry will be marked as incomplete. When you receive payment you can manually complete the registration as completed by marking the payment as reconciled (see below).

                 How to view the delegate’s order details

This information is available at several places within the admin system, depending on your requirements.

1.       Go to the Delegates screen and click on the Date, OrderID or Fee for a delegate in the list in the main information area to see information about their order.  This is the easiest way to deal with a straightforward enquiry about an individual delegate, and to print out that delegate’s details.  If you click on the Name you will see the personal details they entered on registration and you can amend that information.

2.       Go to the Download screen and choose either of the Registration Form downloads. This is the best source of information if you wish to perform your own analysis of registration data.

3.       Go to the Reports screen and select a report from the list in the main information area.

                 How to reconcile delegate payments



1.       Go to the Delegates screen and click on the Date, OrderID or Fee of a delegate in the list in the main information area.

2.       Compare the registration payment with the payment that has been recorded by your card provider. If you are satisfied, check theChecked box and click Save.

3.       A tick mark will be shown alongside the delegate’s name on the main list. The date and time when the entry was checked will be recorded and will appear in the download that is available on the Download screen.

4. If the registration was previously listed as incomplete it will now be shown as complete and will appear in the upper part of the main list.

5.       The system is design to collect delegate orders and process payment.  Delegate can not change their orders online.  If they need to make any subsequent changes, they will need to contact the conference administrator.  We suggest that you use the delegate registration system alongside an in-office system where you can record change requests.  However, you can record updates on the delegate registration system by putting notes in the notes field and you can amend the amount paid.  You can not amend the original order details. 

6. If delegates have requested to pay by invoice, the status field will show 'invoice', the Attention box will be checked and !inv will appear in the column headed !.  When the payment arrives at the conference office you will need to go into the delegate order details and uncheck the Attention box.  That way you will know that the delegate has paid.