Click on the Structure function to build the structure of your conference.    The structure of the conference is divided into Major divisions (Days, Concurrent Sessions or Posters) and Minor sessions (Oral sessions, Poster sessions, Other sessions, Coffee, Lunch, Social, Exhibition and Session Divider and Text Blocks).  To build the structure of you conference highlight the division in the left hand box and bring it across to your program structure using the double arrow button between the two boxes. 

Once you have built the structure, click on Save changes.  You will then be able to customise the divisions and assign abstracts to different divisions.  Click on the major division to edit the information associated with the major division.

Click on the minor divisions and fill out the fields that are available and assign abstracts to that division if applicable.  You can only assign abstracts to divisions that are of the type Oral Session, Poster Session or Other Session.

Putting times on the individual abstracts in the program

As well giving the sessions times within the program (see screenshot above), it is also possible to put times on the individual abstracts and these will appear on the online conference program when the users drill down into the detail of the minor sessions that list individual abstracts.  For details on how to put times against the abstracts please see - How to accept an abstract for presentation or set program-related information.  You will need to use the Build Page function after you have put in the times to make them appear on the online conference program.

To give you a feel for where all this data will appear on the online program see the screenshot below

If you click on any of the underlined minor divisions you will be taken to the details for that division.


If you have included a categories question in the author submission form a topic tab will appear at the online program.  When a user clicks on the topic tab the abstracts will be shown grouped by Topic.