A user can be an author, referee, committee member or administrator.

Author: When users register online they are automatically given the lowest access level - author. You can change this from this screen.

Referee: All users can submit abstracts, but only those with referee level or higher can grade papers.

Committee: Committee level is intended for members of the organising committee. They can see the authors' submissions and the grades and comments of all the referees.

AdminGives access to all the administration functions. This should be used very sparingly. 

Details window: Click on a user's name or email address to view an information window, from where you can change any of the user's details. We strongly recommend that you always enter the user's full email because it uniquely identifies them and is essential for communicating with them.

New user: This function allows you to create an entry for a user without requiring them to register via the online form. You can enter the essential minimum information for the user - if you want to put in further details you should do this as outlined above.

►                 How to change the access level of an existing user

  1. Go to the admin Users screen and click on the name of the user.
  2. At the bottom of the popup window there is a dropdown menu from which you can select the user’s new access level.
  3. Click Save.

►                 How to add a user (author, referee, committee member or administrator)

  1. Go to the admin Users screen and click New.
  2. Enter basic information about the user, including their access level.
  3. Click Save.

Note that only basic information is recorded by this function. If you also wish to record the user’s address, telephone and other information you should follow the instructions given below in "How to alter user information".

►                 How to alter a user’s name, address, email and other information

  1. Go to the admin Users screen and click on the name of the user.
  2. Overwrite the entries shown in the popup window with new information.
  3. Click Save.