The Settings function

This function gives access to several key items of information for authors and delegates. The settings window is divided into three sections: Conference information, User screens, and information on how to change the instructions, template and logo.

►                 How to change the deadline and other conference information

1.       On the admin Events screen click Settings.

2. Make changes to any of the following text fields.

Date and venue: this information appears on various user screens, depending on the way in which the system has been customised for your conference.  Administrators can not make changes to the full title or the abbreviated title of the conference.  You will need to email with the change that you require.

Deadline: this is displayed at the top of the first screen that authors see after they have logged in to submit an abstract.  The abstract submission system will not automatically close on the deadline date, you will need to close the system using the administration system.  See How to allow or deny access for details.

Notification: This is the date by which you expect to notify authors of acceptance or rejection. It should be a string of text that can be used to merge into an email template. If you do not yet know the notification date then use the phrase "the selection committee".

For example, a typical email template may contain a sentence such as the following:

"Your abstract submission will be reviewed shortly and you will be informed by «notification date»whether or not it has been accepted for presentation".

If the notification text is "April 1" then the email that the author receives will say:

"Your abstract submission will be reviewed shortly and you will be informed by April 1 whether or not it has been accepted for presentation".

Email: this is the conference’s email address. It is used as the "reply-to" address in all automatic emails that are sent out to authors and delegates.

Phone: this is the contact phone number for queries from authors and delegates and it appears on several user screens.

3.       Click Save Changes.

►                 How to allow or deny access to user screens

1.       On the admin Events screen click Settings.

2.       Check or uncheck the Abstract submission box in the User Screens part of the Settings window.

User screens such as the abstract submission form can be switched on when the conference is announced and switched off at an appropriate point prior to the end of the conference. The "User Screens" checkboxes control this feature. Users (authors, referees or delegates) who try to access the screens will be unable to do so if the checkbox is cleared - they will see a message informing them that abstract submission (or refereeing or registration) has now ceased and they will be informed of the conference telephone number in case they have a problem.

3.       Click Save Changes.

►                 How to allow authors to see the referees' comments and grades

1.       On the admin Events screen click Settings.

2.       Check  the Show reviews box in the User Screens part of the Settings window.  This option will only be available if you have purchased the "Allow authors to see grades and comments" add-on.

This will allow authors to see the grades and comments made by the referees.  You must first check the comments made by the referees to ensure that they are suitable for release to the authors.  For details on how to do this see Checking reviewers' comments.

3.       Click Save Changes.


►                 How to end refereeing (grading / reviewing)

1.       On the admin Events screen click Settings.

2.       Uncheck the Reviewing checkbox on the Settings window.

3.       Click Save Changes.

►                 How to make refereeing blind or not blind

The Blinded checkbox determines whether refereeing is blinded. If it is checked the "Info" button on the referee screen becomes unavailable so the referee is not able to gain access to any information about the submission.

1.       On the admin Events screen click Settings.

2.       To make refereeing blind, check the Blinded checkbox on the Settings window. To un-blind refereeing, clear this checkbox.

3.       Click Save Changes.

Before beginning blind refereeing you should always check the submitted abstracts to make sure that authors have not included identifying information. Alter the abstracts where necessary and resubmit them to the abstract system.

►                 How to update the abstract template, instructions and logo.

Authors who register to submit abstracts receive a welcome email attached to which are two files: generic submission instructions and an abstract template.

If you want to change the instructions that are emailed to authors please see Customising instructions.

If you want to change the author template you can do so by emailing a revised version to  We will check the template to make sure that our automatic file processing software can read the template and convert it into an abstract book.

If you want to upload or change the conference logo, please email it to