All the functions are controlled through the administration control panel, which you can access from your Oxford Abstracts home page. The control panel appears in a popup window. It consists of several screens – these can vary depending on the configuration that you have but will usually include Event, Abstracts, Users, Grading, Download, Reports and Support. These screens are accessed from a menu on the left hand side of the admin control panel. There may be other menu options to give access to screens such as Delegates.


Underneath the menu there are usually one or more links that provide functions specific to each screen, such as adding and deleting users or assigning abstracts to reviewers.

The main area of each screen provides information about different aspects of the conference – submitted abstracts, authors, reports and so on. Clicking on items in this area will give you access to more detailed information.

The following sections of this manual explain the administration functions in greater detail, screen by screen.

►     How to access the administration control panel

1.       Go to your Oxford Abstracts home page at

2.       Click on the Administration login link.

3. Enter the administration login details that we have supplied to you.

Your admin login will usually be your email address but it doesn’t have to be, since the admin system does not need to send you emails. It may be more convenient for you to keep your usual email address for use as an author or referee login – which is a good way of testing the system – and to use your name or a code word for your admin login.

►     How to sort lists

On some screens, such as Abstracts and Users, the main information area shows a list divided into columns. Click on a column header to sort the list by that column.